Appleton Estate V/X Rum


Press material

This multi-award winning blend of 15 choice aged
rums is the first member of the Appleton Estate
family of aged rums.

With a sophisticated flavour profile, it truly has
become the rum of choice for quality cocktail mixing
around the world. It adds the most amazing and unique characteristics to classic cocktails and offers a
multitude of layered flavours. But that's what you'd
expect when Joy Spence sets her more than 20 years
of blending expertise loose on 15 hand-selected
Appleton Rums.

You get one exceptional spirit.

The Brief
To design a press folder and press paper for an event.

A very clean and typographically focussed design.
With all the text provided by the client, I felt it was
almost a crime not to go typographic on this one!


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