Senova Dental Studios

Complete rebrand and print material

Senova Dental Studios (formerly known as Bloomsbury
Dental) are experts as cosmetic dentists in providing
tooth whitening, general dentistry, orthodontics, hygiene
and dental implants.

The Brief
To create a brand new identity that represented the
years of experience, professionalism and comfort
for their patients. A new name and a new look.

After weeks of board room brainstorming, we came up
with the name Senova. Senova is a word made up of
two words in two different languages: Cantonese and
Latin. Sen meaning ‘smile' in Cantonese and nova
meaning ‘new' - New Smile.

The logo itself is shaped as a tooth. The typography
has been kept quite clean, with the ‘N' and ‘V' curving
around the ‘O' to give off a nurturing and protective
feel, which is what all patients need, especially as so
many of us are terrified of dentists!

This was then executed across all the print material:
Stationery, brochure, fee guide, medical history forms,
enquiry forms, invoices, even name badges.


Eighty One Fairies
© 2012


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